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Our New Year Gift to YOU
CubeX OTC Newsline regularly features the story boards of the latest television commercials and print ads of consumer healthcare brands in the section “Ad of the Fortnight”. Our span has expanded over time to include functional foods and FMCG brands that compete in the health and wellness domain, in addition to OTC brands, considering the changing competitive landscape. We have also captured evolving trends like marketing to women with a gamut of products from pregnancy and ovulation kits to an intimate wash with fairness property and a vaginal tightening cream, which created quite a stir. Notably, ads for pregnancy detection kits are beginning to move away from being informative to competitive while topical analgesics are targeting the youth, a shift from a female-centric approach. Keeping with the times, we also plan to showcase the latest content in the digital marketing arena in the forthcoming issues.

In this publication titled, The Re-Run - A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads, we have compiled 50 story boards and print ads along with the review of the ad, as featured in our fortnightly newsletter CubeX OTC Newsline since its inception in Feb 2011 till date. We are sure your will cherish this treasure.

A very Happy and Prosperous 2013 to all of you!

Team CubeX
Vitamins, Minerals and
Horlicks – “Brain aur body, dono exam-ready!”
Comment: Mental agility’, ‘ability to focus’, ‘memory enhancement’ are becoming some of the frequently used positioning platforms for the ‘wellness’ brands targeted at children. The series of four TVCs by Horlicks, released in January 2011, clearly target the need for mental agility during exam time. In fact, in line with the parents’ desire to make their child an all-rounder, MFD brands are increasingly moving away from physical benefits to overall health benefits, which also include mental health.
Horlicks – “Doodh mein Horlicks milao, doodh ki shakti badhao!
Comment: Horlicks has come up with yet another series of advertisements with a new positioning. Earlier in 2011 the adverts such as “Exams ka bhoot bhagao...” were targeted towards kids. But this time the company is speaking to mothers since they are the ones taking care of everyone’s health in the Indian households. Mixing milk with almonds, banana, turmeric is a practice that has been rooted since long. Thus, by asking mothers to use Horlicks instead of other things such as banana, turmeric and almond, GSKCH has attempted to induce a shift in consumer mindset. This communication has also underlined the benefits of Horlicks in providing good health, rather than it being just a flavoured powder for milk.
Glaxose-D – “Instant energy ke saath dugne nutrients!”
Comment: It’s a brave attempt to use the equity of an iconic brand to diversify into a different segment, though targeted at the common audience, kids. The company is also smartly trying to leverage the corporate brand name by naming the product as ‘Glaxose-D’. However, the ad fails to provide a strong enough reason to buy the brand as it doesn’t provide any more details beyond its “dugne (double)” nutrients. There is a possibility that it may be seen as just another glucose drink and may not be able to create a significant product differentiation among both, users and influencers.
Actilife – “Daily nutrition for adults!”
Comment: Zydus Wellness has made its foray into the nutraceuticals space by launching ActiLife, a nutritional milk additive for adults. The formulation is based on the guidelines of National Institute of Nutrition, ICMR for adults (men and women above 18 years of age). ActiLife is low on fat and is enriched with prebiotic Actifibres, vitamin C and B complex vitamins to keep a person active throughout the day.

Besides that, the company has also launched Sugar Free Sweet Drops for tabletop use apart from variants for cooking and baking. It has also launched Sugar Free Herbvia, derived from the herb ‘Stevia’. The company is attempting to expand its current wellness portfolio by exploring newer concepts and seems to be well on track to achieve its revenue goal of Rs. 500 crores by 2013-14.
Nutricharge Man – “Health sahi toh life sahi!
Comment: VMS is a lucrative segment as it has observed aggressive launches in the recent past, Nutricharge being one of them. The brand has been registered in the mind of the consumers as a result of its endorsement by a celebrity like Amitabh Bachchan. The earlier ad of Nutricharge Man showed Amitabh Bachchan performing everyday activities. But the new ad shows that this brand caters not only to men of his age but also to younger men, considering the early onset of health-related issues. The ad is an eye-opener for people who think they are fit, but face symptoms like low immunity, premature ageing and lifestyle diseases.
Revital Woman – “Jiyo jee bhar ke!
Comment: Revital is the flagship brand of Ranbaxy Global Consumer Healthcare (RGCH) and it is interesting to observe that is RGCH aggressively marketing to ensure that the brand does not slip from its leader position. A print ad of Revital Woman featured in a leading newspaper, which is read largely by women. It is an attention-grabbing advert especially for its target group, as it claims to be specially formulated as a daily health supplement for women. The advertorial portrayed a picture of modern women who are perfectionists in everything they do and take Revital Woman to maintain pace with life. Also, it mentions a toll free number to consult a Revital Woman Expert.

Another innovative idea deployed to target a large number of women was the free distribution of samples to kitty party organizers.
Vitamins, Minerals and
Supractiv Complete Man – 8 Day Challenge Pack
Comment: It is interesting to observe how Piramal Healthcare is leveraging the equity of Supractiv to promote its newly launched extension Supractiv Complete Man. The strategy behind the launch could be to create an impact among a specific target audience, considering the large male working population in India. The brand has been promoted using the same ad as Supractiv Complete, thus creating parent brand recall simultaneously and subsequently lowering the ad spend. This could also mean that the company could be considering a demographic/psychographic segmentation to launch its future SKUs.
Nestle Baby & Me – “Only a mother can read a baby’s mind!”
Comment: Nestle in association with Times of India recently launched its product Baby & Me fortified with DHA, probiotics and micronutrients essential for the mother during pregnancy and the development of the child’s brain. Scientists say there are at least 50 brain chemicals or neurotransmitters that are affected by the intake of food and micronutrients by the child in his or her first 1,000 days. The advertorial covered the importance of adequate nutrition for a child right from conception up to two years of age - thus covering the first 1,000 days of a child.
Horlicks Nutribic – “Nutrition@Work!”
Comment: GSKCH has positioned Horlicks Nutribic as a healthy snack to the working class consumers, who are aware of the effects of their hectic lifestyle and bad food habits on their health. The positioning line, ‘Nutrition at work’ is very direct and is aptly designed to convey the brand’s benefits to the target group.

Britannia too offers NutriChoice Digestive biscuits, positioned on the health platform with fibre as a key ingredient. Britannina moved the court citing trademark violations by GSKCH in August this year. It will be interesting to observe the brands’ sales to know whether Britannia’s move was pre-emptive or Horlicks Nutribic serves as a reminder of NutriChoice Digestive biscuits, similar to OTC VMS supplements where new brands end up reinforcing benefits of stalwart brands.
Dabur 30 Plus – “Ho jaao youngeela re!
Comment: Increasingly busier and sedentary lifestyles are taking a toll on the energy levels, especially among consumers, who were traditionally called middle-aged. However, today’s consumers want to consider themselves young until they cross 50 years. They present the willingness and affordability to try new products that can make them look and feel young. Dabur has sensed this opportunity and targeted men with its multivitamin supplement, Dabur Thirty Plus. The latest TVC of Dabur Thirty Plus features the brand ambassador, Malaika Arora Khan, who is popular among classes as well as masses with her successful dance numbers. The catchy tagline, ‘Ho jaao youngeela re!’ effectively highlights the core brand promise.
Dabur Chyawanprash – “Ab puri hui mummy ki fauj!
Comment: Dabur Chyawanprash is one of the largest brands in the Indian OTC market. As per Nicholas Hall’s DB6 2012 Database, it garnered sales of US$ 56 mn in 2011 and recorded CAGR of 11% over the past five years. The brand is successfully continuing its long innings, spanning over 60 years and owes its success to consistent brand positioning, consumer communication and launch of contemporary variants that meet the needs of various target segments. The brand is strongly positioned as an ‘immunity booster’, which is its core benefit. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been the brand ambassador since 2008 to make the brand relevant to the active lifestyle of the youth as well as kids.
Dabur Chyawanprash – “Complete your child’s nutrition plan with Dabur Chyawanprash.”
Gastrointestinals (2011)
Gas-O-Fast – “Pet ki suno, sirf Gas-O-Fast chuno!
Comment: Gastrointestinals is probably the only OTC category, where humour has been used to communicate the brand message. But humour is also serious business and requires careful execution! This ad captures various relevant slices of life, but the humour quotient seems to have gone over-the-top. Most importantly, the core brand promise is missing. Contrarily, while the brand name is ‘Gas-O-Fast’, the ad talks about multiple symptoms of acidity, indigestion and gas. Moreover, the consumer is bound to be confused. If the endeavour is to grab some market share from ENO, then it may be an uphill task.
Polycrol Xpress Relief – “Polycrol ka nano pack sirf 15 rupaye mein!
Comment: There is a kind of a ‘symbiotic’ relationship between the food and antacid advertising. Every major OTC brand has used food as a communication platform, as food is the dominant cause of acidity in India. This strategy, though safe, has its own challenge – how does one create a ‘sharply differentiated’ communication in the antacid segment when most brands are focusing only on one cause. Polycrol Nano TVC, though nice and endearing, falls short of giving a compelling reason for one to try the brand. May be, ‘nano pack’ is the selling proposition for the brand. Will this prove to be its trump card, is to be seen.
Woodward’s Gripe Water – “Keeps kids’ stomach happy!”
Comment: This is one iconic brand which, in recent years, has failed to capitalise on its strong brand equity. Also, probably, after a long time, a carminative is being advertised. Ask any mother from the yester years, and this would be the top-of-mind mentioned brand, being used for generations. The ad aims to re-ignite the brand-mother connect through the emotional route of conversations between two kids. The ad closes with the brand benefit of ‘relief from gas and acidity’ among children.
Hajmola Mint Masti – “Mint ke andar twist!”
Comment: It’s yet another attempt by Dabur to generate more interest in the brand and also contemporize its image by launching a new candy. So far brand sales are dominantly contributed by the original Hajmola and imli (tamarind) flavour. Other variants have very little share. Will this new flavour work wonders for the brand and also garner decent market share is to be seen. The interesting thing to note is that while the ad is on TV, this flavour was not present at few chemists’ outlets in Mumbai, where CubeX team went and checked for it. Couple of them weren’t even aware about it. The ad also reminds one of the old Chlormint ads, which had the tagline – “Doobara Mat Poochna”. But that’s a minor point.
Gelusil Xtra Cool – “Makes your heart burn…Cool it with Gelusil Xtra Cool!”
Comment: Pfizer launched Gelusil Xtra Cool in 2010. With its cool quotient and quick relief, youth were the obvious target consumer segment. However, quick relief is the need of the hour for consumers across age groups. Hence the company is featuring a series of TVCs which portray different people from different genre in various stressful situations in order to facilitate the expansion of the brand’s user base.
Gastrointestinals (2012)
Dabur Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz – “Kuch naya try karo!
Comment: It is interesting to observe that a 115 yr old brand still innovates and competes with new brands. Pudin Hara G, a powder variant was launched in 2000-2001 to out-rival brands like ENO. But, Pudin Hara G failed to create significant impact to dent ENO's market share.

Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz, a lemon flavoured powder variant, retaining the original mint flavour, was launched in 2010. It was advertised using an animated character - ‘Lemon Man’. In the ad, the phrases ‘chemic power’ and 'of no use' were subtly used aiming to take-on competitors, leading to the ban on the ad.

The recent ad highlights the newness of the brand by bringing a fresh feel to the age-old product. It features a conversation between the most popular couple on television, where the wife insists that the husband tries something “new” for his regular acidity attacks. The dual effect of lemon and mint has been well-illustrated to create a differential positioning for this brand over the competitors. According to Nicholas Hall's DB6 2012 database, Pudin Hara's market share among traditional digestive remedies has been stagnant at 9% over the last four years. The on-going promotional activity may help in boosting the brand's market share.
ENO Cola – “Acidity ke liye sahi choice!”
Comment: Gone are the days when there were clear demarcations of product categories. Brands have to deal with indirect competition and this has pushed ENO Fruit Salt to offer a cola-flavoured variant. ENO Fruit Salt has very cleverly identified competition from soda companies owing to the fact that consumers sometimes prefer to have soda for relief from acidity. Thus, ENO Cola is not just another flavour variant, but also a strategic launch.
Polycrol Express Relief Antacid – “Express relief from acidity in 10 seconds!”
Comment: In one of our issue of CubeX OTC Newsline (vol. 2; issue VII), we featured the innovative Alka-Seltzer’s (a heart burn and acidity relief brand) re-imagined ad, which made the viewer a part of the ad. Innovative communication helps the brand to stand out among the competitors. Consumers do not necessarily remember the "number of seconds" each competing brand takes to start acting or provide relief. In a competitive market like antacids, clutter-breaking communication will aid better brand recall.
Woodward's Gripe Water – “Kaam aise, jadoo jaise!
Comment: One of TVCs of Woodward's Gripe Water, the oldest and most popular brand for infant colic remedy from the stable of TTK Healthcare, which featured a conversation between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, was a big hit. The ad inscribed in the mother's mind that if the baby is crying, give him/her Woodward's Gripe Water. The new ad carries the same message forward by not only reinstating the association between a crying baby and Woodward's Gripe Water but also by underlining the faith that consumers have in the brand since decades.
Cough, Cold and Allergy Remedies (2011)
Nasivion – “Khole band naak pyar se!
Comment: This is Merck’s first foray into the OTC domain. The brand is inspired by the success of Otrivin’s OTC switch by Novartis. Though the impact of this strategic shift is yet to be seen, brand growth rate dipped in 2010 compared to 2009. Clearly, the brand needs to put more muscle power behind the advertising intensity.
Hamdard Sualin – “Kharash mitaye, aaram dilaye!
Comment: Hamdard Sualin has always been positioned as a natural and effective remedy for sore throat, cough and hoarse voice. It is made from chosen herbs like balsa, tulsi and mulethi. It is also claims to be helpful in case of influenza, bronchitis and tonsillitis. This ad is in line with its previous positioning but packaged in a modern way. This move may help the company to attract the youth, who generally perceive Unani products as traditional remedies and thus, not effective for immediate relief. Hamdard is an institution that houses over 600 OTC and ethical products including household brands like RoohAfza, Safi, Cinkara, Roghan Badam Shirin.
Cough, Cold and Allergy Remedies (2012)
Otrivin – “Band naak par seedha asar do minton mein!
Comment: Novartis India has launched a new TV campaign for Otrivin, the flagship brand of Novartis India, competing in the OTC nasal decongestant sub-category. The campaign demonstrates the product as a convenient solution which gives instant and long lasting relief from blocked nose. Otrivin dramatizes product benefits with its new TVC. The authorities tapped into the consumer insight that when a person is suffering from blocked nose he cannot speak clearly. This not only hampers his performance but also causes social embarrassment as he is ‘nasally misunderstood’. Moving beyond the norms of ads made for a problem-solution category, the film is set in the retro period with exaggerated expressions from lead protagonists to add humour to it.
Also, the TVC introduces a new variant that contains Menthol.
Benadryl Congestion Relief – “The bulghum specialist!”
Comment: The TVC communication of Benadryl Congestion Relief effectively outlines the symptoms of chest congestion and the superiority of the product with its triple action formula. The ad also mentions that Benadryl Congestion Relief is to be used in case of chest congestion associated with wet cough while the parent brand provides relief from cough and throat irritation thereof.

After many years, it is heartening to see a new SKU for Benadryl. J&J is rightfully leveraging the growing awareness among consumers in understanding different types of cough. One will have to wait and watch to see if there is a significant impact on the sales of the original brand which was not well-defined for dry or wet cough.
Vicks Action 500 Extra + Vicks VapoRub – “Sardi ke paanch lakshano se raahat sirf paanch minute main!
Comment: Youngsters are increasingly becoming the target audience for brands, be it telecom or healthcare. Topical analgesic, Fast Relief too targeted youth, who seek quick relief from ailments. The communication in the new Vicks ad seems to be similar.

Interestingly, the systemic as well as the topical formulation have been co-promoted in the same ad. The media strategy would help to optimise the expenses, considering the youth icon status of Virat Kohli, who is in demand for celebrity endorsements. The entire Vicks range, valued at US$ 91 mn (as per Nicholas Hall’s DB6 2012 database) could hope for some quick runs and sustained long innings, with its effective combination of products, complemented by Virat’s prowess.
Clean and Dry Cream – “Rakhe aapko saaf, surakshit aur happy!”
Comment: This ad, by Midas Care, is a first-of-its-kind initiative by the company, which is majorly into aerosol format and has very good B2B business, making aerosol for even perfume makers. Interestingly, it has chosen to go to OTC with a lesser known brand, as compared to Relispray. The company has underplayed the corporate name and put the brand under dominant focus. After ItchGuard, 'Clean and Dry' is the first clotrimazole-based brand which has gone OTC. Despite having the same ingredient, ItchGuard positioned itself for 'sweat-induced' itch, while Clean and Dry has positioned itself for infection-induced itch, wetness and inflammation among women. While one can argue on the creative execution, the fact they have identified a potentially big business opportunity to leverage upon needs to be appreciated. Candid, the leader in the Rx space in this segment, would be closely monitoring the impact of advertising on Clean and Dry’s fortunes.
O-Creme – “Daad ka total solution!”
Comment: O-Creme from Vini Group of Companies is an exact copy of RingGuard by Paras Pharma. The Vini Group is headed by Darshan Patel, who was the former co-promoter of Paras Pharma. He had played a key role in framing the innovative portfolio of Paras, which included major brands like ItchGuard, RingGuard, Moov and other brands.

The brand is positioned against RingGuard and claims to have a triple action formula, which is fastest in curing ringworm and fungal infections. It also claims to cure Ringworm in 3 days against RingGuard, which says 7 days. Will the magic seen in Paras be re-created, is something to be observed.
Lifebuoy’s Colour Changing Handwash – “The Hulk of handwashes!”
Comment: Driven by its mission to change handwashing behaviour of 1 billion people by 2015, Lifebuoy has offered an innovative brand, The Colour Changing Handwash. Being an interesting marketing tactic, the colour changing property of the handwash is sure to grab attention of kids. The Hulk mascot fits well with the brand since his character-traits such as strength and green colour complement the brand very well. The increased popularity of Hulk, post the success of the movie, Avengers, might add to the popularity of the brand. The company has also adopted print, outdoor and point of sale promotions to promote the brand.
Clean and Dry Intimate Wash – “Freshness jo nikhare!
Comment: As per Nicholas Hall DB6 2012 database, the feminine intimate care market has grown almost five times over the last five years and has recorded sales of US$ 13 mn in 2011. While the category is dominated by Lactacyd, which is present only in the prescription domain, new entrants like Vagisil (armed with variants like Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme, Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash and Vagisil Intimate Feminine Lubricant) and Clean and Dry are likely to popularize the category and grab a pie of the share.

Expert Comment: “The recently launched TV ad of Midas Care's Clean and Dry Intimate Wash is a bold and brave move by the company. The way the commercial has handled the sensitive issue is really commendable. Though it has been made fun of and ridiculed by one and all, it hardly matters. It's a product that's gonna play a very long innings in the Indian Market, trust me. It's a product that highlights basic hygiene and sanitation. And a product that cares for the women in our life. So what, if it talks about fairness too - aren't we Indians obsessed with fairness. Com'on, let’s get real. Hand wash, Body wash, Face wash... are all products that talk about hygiene, sanitation and also the fairness aspect and we find nothing wrong. Then, why with this?!? "
Lifebuoy’s Colour Changing Handwash – Global handwashing day
Moov Gel – “Dard ka instant ilaaj, bin massage!”
Comment: Brands like Moov, Amrutanjan and Zandu Balm have an always had upper hand in the analgesics market, thanks to their ayurvedic formulations. Ranbaxy first attempted to break this monopoly of ayurvedic analgesic brands by introducing Diclofenac-based pain relief gel, Volini, which claimed to give ‘real pain relief’. This compelled Moov to foray into non-ayurvedic analgesics segment with Moov No Massage Gel, to compete directly against Volini. So far, Volini was the only frank OTC brand in the analgesic segment with Diclofenac-based formulation and promise of ‘real pain relief’. This ensured that Volini grew by more than 30% over the last couple of years at the cost of other brands. Will Moov, with this new variant which combines Diclofenac with Capsaicin, impact Volini’s sales, and further strengthen its own position, needs to be watched closely.
Moov Heat Belt – “Button dabao, dard bhagao!
Comment: This is probably the first instance of an OTC brand diversification into 'medical devices' segment. But it does seem to be a smart idea. For Moov, which already has strong backache equity, this move will further consolidate its position in the backache domain. New 'Moov Heat Belt' may not generate large volume and revenue, but it will certainly help the cause of the mother brand and its variants. Can other brands 'smell' more such opportunities?
Amrutanjan Roll-on – “Jab ghar se ho bahar, rakho Amrutanjan Roll-on paas... Bina chip chip kick out the pain!”
Comment: The ad clearly is banking upon the user-friendly format of roll-on. It also claims that it is non-sticky which is unlike all other pain balms. Amrutanjan is trying to make a difference in a very cluttered and fragmented market of Topical Analgesics. It is also interesting to know that Amrutanjan is taking head-on competition with Zandu balm by adding a sultry quotient to the ad and also taking advantage of the on-the-go needs of consumers.

Amrutanjan has recently undergone a slew of changes starting from change in the logo to Pain Care Centres to releasing the range of cold relief ‘Wuhoo!’ products. They had tried roll-on format earlier with Dragon Balm but it did not do well. So let’s hope for the best with this new ad.
Volini Duo – “India’s first 2-in-1 pain killer!”
Comment: Launch of long-acting systemic analgesic formulas is emerging in India. In February 2011, Lincoln Pharma launched Pa-12, India’s first slow-release paracetamol 1,000mg tablet and Crocin Advance was launched by GSK in June 2011. Volini Gel has been one of the leading topical pain relievers in the analgesic market and to further stretch its equity, Ranbaxy has re-invented their Volini tablet. We can optimistically predict that the 2-in-1 pain killer should be able to leverage and grow the brand going ahead.
Relispray – “Mitaye thakaan, daale jaan!
Comment: As seen with Clean and Dry, the company has underplayed the corporate name here as well and put the brand under dominant focus. The major pain reliever brands like Volini, Combiflam, Iodex are extending their portfolios with a lot of noise, thus attracting players like Relispray to the advertising arena.
Tiger Balm – “Dard jahan, asar wahan!
Comment: While brands like Zandu Balm and Himani in topical analgesic segment have a regional focus, Tiger balm has gone all out on the global platform. It is an appreciable attempt to experiment with a clutter breaking communication of being a globally recognized brand.
Moov – “Aah se aaha tak!
Comment: Globally systemic analgesics have a bigger share of the OTC pie unlike India, where topical analgesics rule the category. Globally brands like Tylenol have expanded the portfolio with rapid release gels and extensions like Tylenol Arthritis and Women’s Tylenol. Moov has functioned on a similar platform building itself as a "pain specialist" in the consumer's mind with launch of new formats such as Diclofenac gel, heat belts and neck and shoulder pain relief on a consistent basis.
Navratna Tail – “Navratna Lagao Seetee Bajaao!
Comment: Navratna Oil is the leader in the cooling oil category, known for its properties of relieving tension, headache and sleeplessness. Consumers who have used the product vouch for it. The brand has forced marketers to draw new competitive lines. The treatment options for headache are no longer the typical oral analgesics or pain balms but also cooling oils.

Another reason for the high popularity of the brand is the list of celebrities who have endorsed the brand. Amitabh Bachchan was roped in for the classes while Govinda reached out to the masses. Sourav Ganguly was identified by cricket lovers. Regional actors, popular in the South, like Chiranjeevi and Junior NTR are also a part of the bandwagon.
Fast Relief – “Dard Bhagaae Super Fast!
Comment: Emami has aimed to make Fast Relief a youth brand by focusing on injuries and roping in sports celebrities. Youngsters are more active, play sports and are thus, more prone to injuries. They also seek “fast relief” as they are always on-the-go. As the youth comprise almost 50% of our total population, the opportunity is immense.

The connect with sports was high post the Olympic games, kudos to our winners. While Vijender may have missed his medal, he is making headlines with his plans to open boxing training centres across 4 cities. Amitabh Bachchan, the brand ambassador so far, has been retained cleverly in the communication to ensure that the brand does not lose appeal with the existing consumer base. Ayurvedic nature of the brand is stressed in this ad, which was not done previously. Emami can hope to raise the bar for (Himani) Fast Relief from 10% CAGR (as per Nicholas Hall’s DB6 2012 database) to a more robust double-digit figure.
Relispray – “Dard ko rakhe door, bahot door!
Comment: Relispray, the first topical analgesic to be introduced in a break-through aerosol format in 1998, also claims to be India’s first CFC-free pain relief spray. It has forced competitors, Iodex and Volini, to follow suit and introduce the spray format.

A notable feature in Relispray’s ads is the subtle communication of the science behind the brand, intertwined in an element that consumers can identify with (muscle aches due to long working hours, “physical constraints” between a couple due to stiff joints). The brand was also endorsed in the past by popular TV actor, Hussain. As per Nicholas Hall's DB6 2012 Database, OTC sale of Relispray was pegged at US$ 2 mn with a growth rate of 25% in 2011. The brand posted CAGR of 32% over the past five years. The brand is also promoted online through an e-commerce site.
Lifestyle OTCs
Velocit – “Mamta ka pehla ehsaas!
Comment: This new and the first communication by Dr. Reddy’s strikes the right chord, being very high on emotional quotient. Will it be able to create a positive impact on both, brand salience and sales is to be seen. Mankind Pharma, for its brand PregaNews, has already done aggressive communication with the use of three lead characters from the popular serial Balika Vadhu and with more functional brand promise of ‘Sure ho jaao! (Be sure!)’. Incidentally, both the brands have similar key product benefit of ‘result in 5 minutes’. Which approach will work? Soft and warm or functional and matter-of-fact, let’s wait and see!
Listerine – 21 day challenge-Money-back guarantee
Comment: J&J began the Listerine 21-Day Challenge on 12th September 2011 to encourage consumers to use mouthwash as a part of their daily oral care routine. Around 25% of Indians complained that they suffered from bad breath while 13% suffered from cavities in the past year. A recent survey by J&J states that 50% of Indians feel that their current oral care routine is incomplete with just brushing and are looking for other products like mouthwash. With the concept of mouthwash in India being low and restricted predominantly to urban areas, J&J hopes that the campaign, which offers money-back guarantee to consumers who are not satisfied with the results after three weeks, will encourage consumers to experience Listerine.
Lifestyle OTCs
Nicorette – “Nicorette ka 12 week quit plan”
Comment: The smoking cessation sub-category is yet to take off in a big way in India. There is a large ‘herbal products’ market, but much below the full potential. However, this sub-category is witnessing immense buzz since early 2011 with the launch of J&J’s internationally successful brand Nicorette in India.

Nicorette once again came up with a new year campaign - 12 week Quit Plan. The communication has evolved from being educative to testimonial based, where consumers share their successful cigarette and tobacco quitting stories. The Facebook page has 193,998 likes and about 13,000 people talking about it on the website. The brand also has a dedicated app with “My Quit Plan” dashboard which not only targets the users who want to quit but also the people who want to help their loved ones to quit. It is very interesting to observe that the brand is setting new trends in smoking cessation.
Prega News – “Prega News se sure ho jaayein!
Comment: Mankind has roped in Shilpa Shetty to endorse their pregnancy test kit – Prega News. It is the first time any pregnancy test kit is endorsed by a bollywood celebrity. With Shilpa Shetty’s pregnancy creating a lot of interest, the company aims to cash upon the popularity. Also the TVC portrays the modern woman who plays various roles in her life but the most special is the one when she becomes a mother.
Manforce Grape Flavored Condoms – “Excitement she can't hide!”
Comment: Mankind has adopted an overt communication strategy for its brands like Unwanted-72, Preganews and Manforce. This has indeed helped the brands to penetrate rapidly. The latest ad of Manforce Condoms further reiterates this point. Sunny Leone, a much talked about adult film actress, is well fit for the commercial.

The woman is usually the centre point for the use of contraceptives, even if it is to convince the man to use condoms. Unwanted-72 brought in celebrity couples to display dual responsibility. Hopefully, Sunny will help in partially shifting the responsibility of contraception towards men as well.
Velocit Eazy – “Sabse aasan pregnancy test!”
Comment: So far pregnancy detection kits' ads have been informative in nature, explaining the product's working and convincing women to take the test. However, Dr. Reddy's Velocit Eazy is communicated with a competitive edge. The product claims to be easiest, most advanced, accurate and no. 1 doctor prescribed pregnancy detection kit in India. This is an indication that the segment is becoming competitive as new entrants emerge. In turn, this will fare well for consumers with better pricing and offerings. Currently the major players are Piramal Healthcare's i-can and Mankind with Prega News.

The women’s lifestyle OTC category is one of the new focus areas of innovation with customised health products and home-based diagnostics (which can also popularize and increase the penetration of self-diagnostics).
18 Again – “Feel like a virgin!”
Comment: The ad of 18 Again speaks for several things at a time. Under the garb of a family setting, the ad has attempted to create a mass appeal. Secondly, the woman taking the lead in the dance and crooning ‘I feel like a virgin’ reflects the woman’s celebration of her sexuality. More importantly, there is no skin show which would make the viewers uncomfortable to buy the product or even watch the TVC. The ad has been executed cleverly as it targets middle-aged and above women, without directly communicating it. On flip side, the ad has evoked myriad reactions from the advertising fraternity. Some feel that the product caters to a very intimate need, not required to be brought out in social context; while some feel that the presence of the whole family “conveniently” makes the heavy topic of ‘women and virginity’ light.
i-sure Ovulation Kit – “Confusion se behtar hai sure hona, i-sure!”
Comment: Piramal Healthcare is betting on its 'i-range' to strengthen its footprint in the Indian OTC market. i-sure, an ovulation test kit, was launched by the company in July 2012. The product has definitely given Piramal Healthcare an edge over the competitors. While competitors are still establishing their pregnancy test kits, Piramal Healthcare is a step ahead with its i-sure Ovulation Kit.

The latest TVC communication of i-sure voices the thoughts of every young woman, who is trying to get pregnant. Also, being the first ovulation detection kit in the country, i-sure is a big boon to women, who are being treated for infertility, since it helps them identify the two days when their chances of conception are maximum. Thus, the target audience will be able to relate to the communication. Piramal’s brands are also being promoted in multiplexes, where the target audience of young, well-aware and affluent women are likely to be present.
Radikal Rice – “Kash aap khaate rice aur aapke liye koi aur karta exercise!”
Comment: The Indian wellness market was valued at Rs. 590 bn in 2011 in the latest PwC-FICCI report and has been forecasted to reach Rs.950 bn by 2014, considering CAGR to be robust at 18-20%. Among nutrition foods, beverages and supplements (valued close to Rs.150 bn), ‘better-for-you variants’ is the smallest (3-5% share) but the fastest growing sub-category. This makes the segment attractive to players in the food and beverage industry, hoping to make a ‘radical’ difference to sales. Radikal is one such player, offering basmati rice in better-for-you and fortified variants, like Apica, Movarid, Auric and brown rice, which are low on glycemic index/ fat and fortified with nutrients.