Ad-diction: A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads 2019

A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads

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CubeX - The Business Intelligence and Consulting Division of Havas Life Sorento, brings to you the new edition of Ad-diction: A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads (VOL. 8) - covering the ads of consumer healthcare brands featured in our 2019 CubeX OTC Newsline.
In the past few years, our ad-diction series has received immense appreciation from our readers for being a treasury of different TVCs, print and digital ads. The ads have been classified under OTC and Fast-Moving Health Goods (FMHG) and include our perspective on the advertising strategies adopted by brands.
As we look back, 2019 experienced advances on various fronts. Hamdard Safi presented an ad campaign based on the taste of the product. Lupin Life’s V-Bath encouraged women to openly discuss their concerns related to intimate hygiene rather than being ‘shusssh’ about it.
Cremaffin, a well-known brand in the OTx space changed the course to the OTC domain.
As always, we hope you will find this latest volume of our ad-diction series engaging and inspiring. We welcome you to share the ads of your brands which we will feature in the forthcoming issues of CubeX OTC Newsline.

Team CubeX

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
  1.     Dabur Chyawanprash - “It’s time to double up your immunity”
  2.     Hamdard Safi - “Taste karoge hate, face banega great”
  3.     Nestlé NanGrow - “All Growth, Zero Added Sugar”
  4.     V-Nourish - “Real Ingredients. Wholesome Nutrition”
  5.     Women’s Horlicks - “Stand Strong”
  6.     Wellman - “Stay Fit, Be Sharp”

  1.     Cremaffin - “Effective bhi, Gentle bhi”
  2.     Digene - “Doctor’s prescribed number 1 antacid”
  3.     ENO - “6 symptoms 1 solution”
  4.     Pet Saffa - “Pet Saffa, Toh Harr Rog Dafa”

  1.     Combiflam IcyHot - “Strong pain ko do strong jawaab”
  2.     Iodex - “Thodi himmat, Thoda Iodex”
  3.     Moov Advance - “Aap karo Moov toh zindagi chale”
  1.     Candid Activ - “Be effortless”
  2.     AbZorb - “Khujli Nahin, AbZorb Karo”
  3.     Mederma Advanced plus - “Ab Nazar Sirf Aap Par”
  4.     Nycil Germ Expert - “3 din mein results dikhaye”
  5.     Suthol - “Roz khujli se mat maro, Suthol karo”
  6.     Lupinlife V-Bath - “Women Power”

Cough, Cold and Allergy
  1.     Kofol - “Khansi hai nahi, thi”
  2.     Kofol - “Iss baarish, cough absent aur Sonu present”
  3.     Kofol - “Season change wali khansi ka solution”
  4.     Nasivion - “Naak De”
  5.     Vicks 3-IN-1 - “Vicks ki goli lo, khich-khich, band naak aur khansi durr karo”

Lifestyle OTC
  1.     EyeSpa - “Relaxing eye drops”
Dabur Chyawanprash
“It’s time to double up your immunity”

Delhi’s poor air quality, especially after Diwali and with the heavy burning of crop residue in the field of Punjab and Haryana is dominating the news. Adopting a “marketing in the moment” strategy, a print campaign was released in The Times of India for Dabur Chyawanprash, wherein the product’s “immunity-boosting properties” are focused on.
This print campaign is a part of the ‘Double Immunity’ campaign of Dabur Chyawanprash. The previous year saw Dabur releasing a TVC, which was targeted at mothers and brought to their attention how they could use the product to help improve their child’s immunity during winter.
Dabur has consistently focused on building immunity especially during seasonal changes over the years. This time it has taken the lead in promoting immunity amid the pollution crisis.
Hamdard Safi
“Taste karoge hate, face banega great”

Hamdard’s flagship brand Safi’s campaign takes forward the message communicated in the last “I hate you mom” campaign. The ad embraces Safi’s bitter taste as a marker of efficacy being offered for the last many years. The ad was launched on both TV and digital media with a message “Taste karoge hate, face banega great”
The ad focusses on millennials showcasing how they are pushing their boundaries and achieving their goals. An interesting feature of the ad is that it showcases a teenage boy being prone to skin infections and acne which is very unusual from the past ads of Safi where only girls are targeted. One can also notice the usage of words that teenagers love to use - ‘hate’, which comes out as a powerful insight that most often the things you hate are good for you. The ad ends with showcasing the product benefits claiming that Hamdard Safi helps in maintaining inner beauty by purifying blood to attain a cleaner & healthy skin.
Nestlé NanGrow
“All Growth, Zero Added Sugar”

The global brand of Nestlé made its debut in India with its first TVC for kids’ nutritional drink category. Nestlé Sri Lanka won a Finalist Award in the Beverages category for its NanGrow-Building Blocks campaign last year. The positioning of NanGrow has helped the company gain a lot of popularity globally.
The TVC communicates that 2-5 years is an important phase of growth for kids and ensuring balanced nutrition at this stage is important. While mothers are careful about what their child eats, sugar may slip into the diet through various occasions, like a birthday celebration at school, achieving prize for sports or for a job well done.
Focusing on kids’ daily sugar intake, the TVC advocates mothers that the product focuses on the growth and development of a child without any added sugar in it. The ad has shown infographic representation of the functional benefits of NanGrow in the packshot.
Comparing to other health food drinks available in the market, it would be interesting to see how the ZERO SUGAR” call out reaches out to consumers as it may be misinterpreted to be “Sugar-free” while the product claims to have natural sugar.
“Real Ingredients. Wholesome Nutrition.”

Veeba, a leading food processing company in India announced the entry in Kids Nutritional Supplement market with the product V-Nourish. The brand launched a TVC involving Shah Rukh Khan where he is seen explaining the product benefits and also directs consumers to read the product label so that they can better understand the benefits.
The TVC contrasts with the ads of competitors like Horlicks and PediaSure which usually showcase a mother-child duo in the ads. Now with Shah Rukh Khan’s involvement in ad with a different concept altogether, the ad could grab the attention of parents. V-Nourish has two variants, V-Nourish for kids over five years and V-Nourish Pedia Plus for kids under five years which were not mentioned in the ad.
Women’s Horlicks
“Stand Strong”

Women are known more for their mental/emotional strength as the backbone of the family and rarely for their physical strength. Women’s Horlicks wanted to break this very notion through its latest ad campaign, ‘Stories of Strength’. Women’s Horlicks empowers women to breakdown the misconception that women can’t be physically strong. The commercial which showcases Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu aims to engage the audience and encourage women to stand strong. Interestingly, the past ad also featured Taapsee leading a very active lifestyle with similar claims for the product. With increasing awareness and rising number of health-conscious women in India, the new ad also shows the packshot with “No added sugar” mentioned, which can be an attractive feature for the target segment.
“Stay Fit, Be Sharp”

UK-based Vitabiotics launched their globally acclaimed brand Wellman in the Indian market in association with the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Virat is truly an inspiration for men in the younger age group, known for his physical fitness and stamina. The ad is conceptualized in a manner where Kohli is seen advocating the unique advantages of consuming Wellman products. It is centred on the insight that to succeed in today’s age one needs to be physically fit and mentally agile. Kohli claims that Wellman products help him drive towards success and thus, the need to consume Wellman will help in enhancing physical fitness and mental sharpness.
Competitors like Revital who launched Revital H in 2018 also targets men and had roped in Akshay Kumar for promotions. The brand was positioned where the communication said that Revital H keeps one’s energy & stamina high throughout the day.
“Effective bhi, Gentle bhi”

Cremaffin, a well-known brand in the OTx space changed the course to the OTC domain. The first TVC from the brand leverages both the doctor and a celebrity endorser Saina Nehwal. The TVC shows a graphical presentation of a doctor stating the importance of ‘milk of magnesia’ as a stool softener. The brand leverages the doctor's equity by stating that it's a number 1 recommended brand. The TVC closes with the packshot of two variants (mint and mixed fruit flavour) with a tagline “Effective bhi, Gentle bhi”.
Close competitor Dulcoflex's communication focuses on the analogy of people suffering from constipation. The brand communication does not get into the product specifications which helps it easier for consumers to understand. However, it would be interesting to see how Cremaffin connects with the consumers by leveraging the doctor and a celebrity.
“Doctor’s prescribed number 1 antacid”

Digene launched a TVC with their new brand endorser Taapsee Pannu, showcasing adults who often ignore healthy eating habits while maintaining work-life balance. The brand has also come up with a series of ads that play for 10 seconds which includes Taapsee Pannu saying, “You can skip the ad, but can you skip acidity?”.
In line with most of the TVCs of Digene, the doctor plays a significant role while competitors like Eno focus on quick action. This time, a celebrity and a doctor, both, have been roped in to gain connect with the masses while continuing to enhance the credibility of the brand. 
“6 symptoms 1 solution”

ENO launched a TVC in addition to the “ Jiyo Life Non-Stop” campaign. The TVC – “Samosa Mischief” has been conceptualised in a different format from the past TVCs of ENO. The TVC showcases a visual representation of a fight between a man and junk food- Samosa. ENO rescues the man like a hero and gives him instant relief from 6 symptoms of acidity. While the past TVCs of ENO focused on solving the problem of acidity caused by junk food, the latest TVC adds some humour with a twist in it.
Additionally, the TVC ends with a new pack of ENO showing the claims, available flavours and interestingly an image from Google which on searching for ENO navigates to a detailed website of ENO.
While competitors like Digene are still leveraging doctors in their TVCs, ENO, being a household name is focusing on leveraging the digital medium to educate consumers.
Pet Saffa
“Pet Saffa, Toh Harr Rog Dafa”

Pet Saffa, a brand of SBS Biotech recently published a print ad. The ad mentions Pet Saffa being useful in providing relief from constipation, getting rid of gastric symptoms and eases one’s acidity. An interesting takeaway is that the ad claims that Pet Saffa is good in taste which breaks the general perception of ayurvedic products being bitter in taste.  The past ad of Pet Saffa was more focused more on the Ayurvedic approach for curing constipation. However, continuing the same approach, the print ad looks like a brand re-call activity.
Compared to the brand’s direct competitor- Kayam Churna, Pet Saffa has remained constant in showcasing Raju Srivastav as the brand ambassador. However, Kayam Churna has been leveraging different celebrities and influencers in their ads.
Combiflam IcyHot
“Strong pain ko do strong jawaab”

Combiflam’s topical variant, ICY HOT, is positioned for long lasting relief from strong pain. The ad focuses on delivering this message in a unique way through characterization of ‘strong pain’ and the ‘icy’ and ‘hot’ sensation provided by the product. Comparing to the past TVC of Combiflam ICYHOT, which showcased female audience especially mothers, as the target audience, this ad focuses on the male audience. Given the clutter in the pain segment, popular brands like Volini and Tiger balm have launched specialised variants such as Volini Maxx and Tiger Neck & Shoulder Rub. The ads of these brands are also focused on distinct consumer segments such as office goers and fitness enthusiasts who may experience strong pain. In this context, the ICYHOT formulation and the new ad also stand out distinct from the competition.
“Thodi himmat, Thoda Iodex”

Iodex rolled out an ad in the “Thodi himmat, Thoda Iodex” series. The ad focuses on a woman who always goes an extra mile for her family. Her courage to do more makes the difference to their family's dreams. Iodex is her instant remedy during tough times like body ache. The ad also claims that the new Iodex Balm gives one instant relief in 4 minutes, reducing swelling and inflammation and helps in treating the pain from within.
Most topical analgesics like Zandu Balm, Amrutanjan also target similar audience whilst their ads focus majorly on pain. However, Iodex, as seen even in the past ads focus on inspiring women to contribute to their families without the fear of body ache. This can surely attract the current generation and build more credibility for the brand.
moov advance
“Aap karo Moov toh zindagi chale”

Focusing on the idea of Fit India by roping in various celebrities on the brand's social media, moov's new variant "moov advance diclofenac gel" made a grand entry in the topical analgesics market. Since then, the brand has been actively engaging with consumers through both print and digital media. While the digital platform majorly focuses on influencers, the print ad is seen leveraging the doctor equity. The new variant has been positioned for treating lifestyle-led pains. This is in contrast to the parent brand which has largely targeted women and focused on back-ache. Competitive brands like Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder roll-on also target a similar audience with a more convenient product format. With moov advance leveraging the influence of both, doctors and celebrities, the brand could gain quick traction in the highly competitive OTC topical analgesics market. (According to Nicholas Hall DB6 database, the market share of moov is 15 % in OTC topical analgesics valued at 2,083 INR CRs, CAGR 11%)
Candid Activ
“Be effortless”

Summer heat causes constant sweat and irritation to the skin which results in making a person cranky and irritated. Candid Activ Anti-Perspirant talc is a new product extension which aims to control sweating. The TVC shows people from different walks of life using the talc and are depicted as problem solvers. They are constantly thriving to bring a positive change to society. An interesting takeaway is the product placement which has been shown multiple times which shows increased usage occasion. The previous ads of Candid focused more on the idea of rashes and fungal infection caused due to heat. Additionally, the previous ad featured famous personalities and doctors for promotions. However, the new TVC does not leverage doctors or include any celebrity endorsement. The ad ends with a pack shot of the talc claiming it to be India’s first antiperspirant talc and explaining the product benefits in a pictorial manner.
“Khujli Nahin, AbZorb Karo”

Summer heat and sweat can cause skin irritation and itching which can lead to social embarrassment. Thus, anti-fungal and anti-itch brands such as Candid Activ, Nycil and Dermicool are being actively promoted since the start of the summer season. Sun Pharma’s brand- AbZorb, too joined the league with its promotional switch. In the past, the brand was promoted through the print medium explaining the key benefits. The TVC shows a visual dramatization of how an itch brings out the beast in an ordinary person. The brand has also leveraged the doctors’ equity in communication. The print ad showed AbZorb as the “1st choice of skin specialists” while the TVC features a doctor explaining the brand’s benefits.
A new nozzle type packaging, for ease of use for difficult to reach areas, is also highlighted. Overall, the brand's tagline “ Khujli nahi, AbZorb karo” aptly communicates the brand's benefits.
With competition like Candid Activ Anti-Perspirant talc, Suthol and prickly heat powders like Nycil and Dermicool which claim similar benefits, it would be interesting to see how AbZorb performs in the market.
Mederma Advanced plus
“Ab Nazar Sirf Aap Par”

Mederma recently launched a variant Mederma Advanced plus scar gel. The launch was showcased with a TVC focusing on modern women. Mederma is a well-known name in the scar treatment category. The TVC focuses on a girl who is insecure about her scar marks. However, there are other girls around who are seen addressing how Mederma Advanced plus scar gel helped them treat the scars caused due to operation, accidents and various other reasons. To which the ad claims that the product reduces the appearance of old and new scars with a tagline “Ab nazar sirf aap par” which gives the girl enough confidence to use the product without the worry of her scars being seen in public. The past ads of Mederma have also focused on people’s insecurities when it comes to scars and the benefits of the product. The very first ad of Mederma focused on kids, however, since women are more conscious of their image, the brand has been communicating to women since a decade.
Nycil Germ Expert
“3 din mein results dikhaye”

Nycil Germ Expert is a newly launched variant from the Nycil portfolio. The TVC was recently aired leveraging doctors in the communication differentiating itself from the ads of the parent brand of Nycil. The past ads of Nycil focused on a mother troubleshooting her child’s prickly heat issues using Nycil talc. Considering the name “Germ Expert”, leveraging doctor’s equity in the communication could be helpful. The ad ends with a pictorial presentation of Nycil Germ Expert’s line extensions namely herbal, classic, gulabjal and chandan which look similar to that of the Nycil Cool range.
Competitors like Emami’s Dermicool and Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Powder target similar audience and showcase similar ads focusing on mothers and children. It would be interesting to see how a doctor’s involvement would benefit the brand to enhance its credibility.
“Roz khujli se mat maro, Suthol karo”

Suthol recently roped in Akshay Kumar for promoting the brand. The TVC uses the concept of humour to tackle skin problems. The actor is seen performing a particular scene multiple times due to his co-actor who is constantly scratching his body. With the increasing number of retakes, the actor feels agitated and offers him Suthol. The TVC also shows different variants of Suthol (Liquid, Gel and Spray) which are effective for rashes, itching and prickly heat.
Additionally, a newly launched variant- Suthol Gel is also mentioned in the TVC. When it comes to rashes and prickly heat due to summer, brands like Nycil and Dermicool target a similar audience. However, the convenience of usage for consumers can be one of the differentiating factors for Suthol.
Lupinlife V-Bath
“Women Power”

Lupin has launched a campaign named #SahiBaat for the brand V-Bath. The campaign focuses on building awareness among women around the usage of intimate hygiene wash and encourages them to openly discuss their concerns rather than being ‘shusssh’ about it.
Featuring Bollywood actor Richa Chadha, the campaign video builds on the storyline of how even confident women avoid talking about intimate hygiene, do not give the issue any priority and end up compromising their own health.
An interesting feature of the campaign is that it is a digital-only launch which could help the brand to generate buzz around an issue that has largely been taboo.
Comparing to the competitor brands like VWash and Clean & Dry, the digital-only launch of Lupin’s V-Bathe campaign can be effective among younger target audience.
“Iss baarish, cough absent aur Sonu present”

Charak Pharma’s cough brand Kofol has been recently extended with a chewable format for which an interesting print ad was released with focus on children. The communication focuses on treating cough with Kofol and not missing school due to it. The ad also mentions key claims like quick relief from cough, on-the-go usage, ayurvedic and zero side effects to draw consumers’ attention. The past print ad mentioned about the brand’s appealing taste and leveraged its doctor equity. Leading brands in the OTC segment focus on offering different solutions such as Benadryl’s variants for dry cough and congestion whereas Torex is promoted by celebrities. Kofol could garner more attention by focusing on the benefits of its new chewable format.
“Khansi hai nahi, thi”

Charak Pharma’s cough brand Kofol has been extended with a chewable format, which is currently promoted to consumers through print ads. The communication mainly focuses on different consumer segments, indicating that Kofol is safe for consumption for kids as well as adults. The ad also mentions about the brand’s appealing taste and the trust enjoyed among doctors; however this could have highlighted to draw consumers’ attention.
Leading brands in the OTC cough market have focused on different aspects to stand out from the crowd. While Benadryl offers separate variants for dry cough and congestion relief, Dabur Honitus focuses on its non-drowsy formulation and ayurvedic ingredients and Torex is promoted via celebrity endorsements. Another cough brand, Eladi also offers the chewable format for cough and cold relief; however it is not popular pan-India. The focus on the innovative format can surely help the brand gain consumer attention and potentially drive trials/consumption.
“SEAson change wali khansi ka solution”

With a dip in temperatures, we can see the constant raise in the number of people being affected by flu. Keeping pace with the recent flu season, the print ad of Kofol is focused on preventive care wherein one must consume Kofol as soon as they start feeling the symptoms of cough and sore throat. We have seen many such ads from Kofol this year that were directly targeted to the consumers during the flu season.
Additionally, the print ad also shows the product benefits as well as the convenience of usage.
“Naak De”

The TVC of Nasivion has portrayed humour, moving from the traditional category codes. Two TVCs have been launched, based on Lagaan and Chak De, giving reference to Bollywood. This particular TVC has showcased a famous scene of Chak De movie with a twist showing that the captain is suffering from blocked nose. The chore of having to constantly blow his nose to breathe easier turns out to quite embarrassing for the captain when one of the team mate offers him Nasivion. With a whole new concept of involving humour and animation, Nasivion made a shift from its own ads as well as from the competitor Otrivin’s TVC. The previous TVCs of Nasivion and Otrivin generally focused on a sufferer who would be instantly fine after using the product. It would be interesting to see how consumers connect to the ad with this new concept.
Vicks 3-IN-1
“Vicks ki goli lo, khich-khich, band naak aur khansi durr karo”

Vicks has recently launched a new product- Vicks 3-IN-1 in the lozenge format. The new ad features Indian cricketer Virat Kohli where he is seen being affected by sore throat, cough and blocked nose eventually causing him trouble to play his sport. The pack-shot of the lozenge is shown providing multiple symptom relief on consumption. Thus, resulting in helping him get back to his routine life. The past ad of Vicks (Vicks ki goli) also showcased Virat Kohli in a similar environment.
Competitors like Kofol launched the ayurvedic chewable lozenge this year and are very vigorous on promotions in print medium. Strepsils, being one of the closest competitors of Vicks showcases their ads where Strepsils provides relief from sore throat and mouth infection while providing an antibacterial and long-lasting effect.
“Relaxing eye drops”

Being the first OTC Eye Care brand, EyeSpa has grabbed the attention of consumers. Moreover, it consistently targets those with tired eyes because of prolonged screen time. The initial ads focused on symptoms such as itchy and tired eyes and urged consumers to take remedial action by using EyeSpa. The print ad emphasises on over-exposure to screens- TV, laptop, mobile as well as pollution which cause trouble to eyes and eventually hampers one’s work.
An interesting takeaway from the previous print ad posted in the year 2016 and 2017 was that it had a doctor’s backing with a tagline- Formula recommended by Eye Specialist and Trusted formula recommended by Eye Specialist respectively. However, the recent communication does not show any doctor backing. Additionally, the brand has subtly plugged in different ways by which a consumer can easily buy the product (Chemist, a toll-free number and their website)