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CubeX - The Business Intelligence and Consulting Division of Havas Life Sorento, brings to you the latest edition of Ad-diction: A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads (VOL. 7) - covering the ads of consumer healthcare / OTC brands featured in our CubeX OTC Newsline in 2018.

In the past few years, our ad-diction series have been acknowledged by our readers for being a treasury of different TVCs, print and digital ads. The ads have been classified under the major OTC and Fast Moving Health Goods (FMHG) categories and include our perspective on the advertising strategies adopted by brands.

As we look back, 2018 experienced developments on various fronts. Dabur Chyawanprash gave a whole new perspective to the category by demonstrating the “Joy of Sharing” in a very beautiful way. A new ad of Caladryl was aptly launched during the festive/wedding season and banked on the skin allergies commonly faced due to the increased usage of cosmetics. Zandu Balm introduced line extensions such as Zandu Spray, Roll-on and Gel, all of which were highlighted in the ad.

The most essential flavour of 2018 was the use of hashtags in the advertisements, complementing traditional with digital marketing strategy. For example, VWash PLUS came up with a hashtag #KhudSeKhudKaRishta which was promoted by Vidya Balan. Similarly, Digene used a hashtag in their TVC which communicated “Acidity ho toh #NoSecondOpinion”.

As always, we hope you will find this latest volume of our ad-diction series engaging and inspiring. We welcome you to share the ads of your brands which we will feature in the forthcoming issues of CubeX OTC Newsline.

Team CubeX

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
  1.     Activkids Immuno Boosters - “Immunity ka Daily Insurance”
  2.     Dabur Chyawanprash - “Clinically tested. Double Immunity.”
  3.     Horlicks Protein+ - “Choose the better protein”
  4.     Horlicks - “Badhne kee bhook”
  5.     Revital H - “Jiyo Jee Bhar Ke”
  6.     Tuscka - “Angelina se Raveena tak, everybody trusts Tuscka”

  1.     Amrutanjan Back Pain roll on - “Kick out pain”
  2.     Combiflam Plus - “Strong pain ko do strong jawaab”
  3.     Moov Ortho - “Apno ke liye move karo”
  4.     Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub - “Massage on the go”
  5.     Vicco Narayani - “Dard kee jadh tak jaye, lamba aaram dilaye.
        Aaj kee narayani ke liye”
  6.     Zandu gel - “Ayurvedic Zandu Spray, Roll-on, Gel, Jhat se get well”
  1.     Digene - “Acidity ho toh #NoSecondOpinion”
  2.     ENO - “Jiyo life, non-stop”
  3.     Zandu Nityam - “Kabz se sampoorna rahat”

  1.     Abzorb - “Khujli nahi, Abzorb karo”
  2.     Caladryl - #CelebrationSeKaisiAllergy
  3.     Clean and Dry - “Ab sehna nahin, Seekhna hain”
  4.     Ketomac - “Balo ko aawargi karne do”
  5.     Nomarks - #CheherePeSirfShaanNoNishaan
  6.     VWash PLUS - #KhudSeKhudKaRishta

Lifestyle OTC
  1.     Nico Meltz - “Break the urge”
  2.     Nicotex - “It works”

FMHG (Fast Moving Health Goods), Functional Beverages
  1.     Sugar Free Green Veda - “100% natural sugar”
  2.     Aquafina Vitamin Splash - “Water, the age-old wellness
Activkids Immuno Boosters
“Immunity ka Daily Insurance”
Our point of view: Through the launch of ActivKids Immuno Boosters, Cipla Health has addressed one of the major concerns of low immunity among kids. The brand has been launched as a unique supplement - in choco bite format - differentiating itself from the chocolate flavoured food drinks. Also, Immuno boosters may also act as a replacement for chocolates. The brand's TVC has been themed on this premise. The ad highlights the over protective nature of mothers with regards to the child’s health which often forces them to put restrictions on their demands. With ActivKids Immuno Boosters, mothers have an alternative which is much acceptable to kids as well. To address concerns on over consumption of such formats, the ad also highlights the required dosage.
Dabur Chyawanprash
“Clinically tested. Double Immunity.”
Our point of view: Dabur Chyawanprash has been known for its consistent advertising during the rainy and winter season where people are prone to have low immunity. The past advertisements of the brand have shown a keen focus on a sick child and the mother advocating about the health benefits of Chyawanprash. However, this time Dabur has come up with new concept with Dabur Chyawanprash 2X Immunity that includes an emotional message saying, “This Christmas, enjoy the joy of sharing.” Dabur has always been a step ahead with promotions, advertising and marketing of Chyawanprash. The recent ad covers altogether a new theme unlike that of the competitors where only functional benefits of the products are covered. Additionally, the brand offers a variety of flavours to attract kids- Mango, chocolate, mixed fruit. This makes the brand stand out from the competitors like Himani Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Patanjali Chyawanprash, Zandu Chyawanprash.
Horlicks Protein+
“Choose the better protein”
Our point of view: GSK Consumer Healthcare has introduced a new variant of Horlicks – Horlicks Protein+. Its TVC features the famous Bollywood actor, R. Madhavan, majorly targeting men in the age group of 35 and above. Also, the actor being a popular face in the South, it may help the brand to gain traction for its new variant. While intake of proteins is generally linked with muscle mass, Horlicks Protein+ showcases the benefit of better lifestyle thereby targeting a wider TG and not restricting to only body builders. The TVC highlights the superior quality and efficacy of the product and urges its consumers to opt for a change if they really want to bring about a change in their lifestyle, thereby trying to induce trials.
“Badhne kee bhook”
Our point of view: With intense competition in the malted food drinks category, Horlicks has continued to focus on the cognitive development of the kids to differentiate itself in the market. While the TVC captures the nervousness among mothers, at the same time it has very well showcased a different and fearless attitude of kids (aptly depicting today’s kids). As the brand highlights its benefits of improved attention and concentration, in a very subtle manner it also showcases confident kids, ready to grab various opportunities. As it is one of the leading brand in the category it would be interesting to see the brand expand into ready to drink format for its on-the-go usage as well.
Revital H
“Jiyo Jee Bhar Ke”
Our point of view: Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare has roped in Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as the new brand ambassador of Revital H. Akshay Kumar is not only a renowned actor but is also a martial artist and a stuntman, and is known for his high energy levels making him the perfect fit for Revital H. With the concept of “Ab sabki battery rahegi full”, the brand targets men across age groups and continues to position it as the brand that keeps one’s energy & stamina high throughout the day.
“Angelina se Raveena tak,everybody trusts Tuscka”
Our point of view: Lifezen Healthcare has roped in Bollywood star Raveena Tandon as the brand ambassador of Tuscka. In its print communication, the brand has very well highlighted Tuscka as the most preferred and trusted brand by consumers. By roping in Raveena Tandon it has targeted all mid age women, who are also the prime sufferers of calcium deficiency. The brand has also attempted to induce usage of calcium supplements in consumers above 30 years to prevent calcium deficiency. In addition, the brand has introduced different flavours (orange, peppermint and mixed fruit) considering the diverse consumer preferences.
Amrutanjan Back Pain roll on
“Kick out pain”
Our point of view: Amrutanjan continues to build its portfolio by enhancing the appeal of traditional formulations among the youth. In its latest TVC, it has highlighted how Amrutanjan is beneficial for muscle strain resulting from workouts. The ad focusses on its quick penetration based on the lotion formulation and roll-on format which eliminates the need for rubbing / massage, thereby establishing efficacy among the viewers. It also highlights that the formulation is 100% diclofenac-free. With the resurgence of Ayurveda, continuous A&P activities will aid high top of the mind recall among youth in the cluttered analgesics market.
Combiflam Plus
“Strong pain ko do strong jawaab”
Our point of view: Combiflam – the leading brand in the Indian OTC/deemed OTC systemic analgesics market as per Nicholas Hall’s DB6 2018 database – has introduced a new, mass advertised, systemic variant viz. Combiflam Plus. While Combiflam extended into the competitive topical analgesics market by introducing mass advertised Combiflam Icy Hot gel and spray, Combiflam’s saliency as one of the most popular systemic analgesics can now be fully leveraged with Combiflam Plus. The new variant being formulated with Paracetamol 650 mg does not face the regulatory constraints w.r.t. direct to consumers promotion as faced by the original formulation of Combiflam i.e. Ibuprofen 400 mg + Paracetamol 325 mg. Combiflam Plus, being formulated with higher strength of Paracetamol, addresses the need gap related to a strong pain reliever (in terms of systemic, OTC brands). Through this TVC, Combiflam Plus positions itself as the must-have for every Indian consumer to combat strong pain that they may encounter anywhere, anytime.
Moov Ortho
“Apno ke liye move karo”
Our point of view: Reckitt Benckiser has recently launched a new variant Moov Ortho, positioned for knee and joint pain. In its TVC it has targeted the older population as they are the common sufferers of knee and joint pain. By showcasing an old lady riding a bicycle it has well communicated the efficacy of its brand. With cut throat competition in the topical analgesics category, Reckitt Benckiser may also introduce spray, roll-on and patch format of its newly introduced variant targeting the youngsters who may be looking for quick relief solutions in convenient formats for knee and joint related injuries.
Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub
“Massage on the go”
Our point of view: Tiger Balm has come up with a new variant, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, specially developed for neck pain relief and easing shoulder aches often experienced by working professionals. It soothes away stress and aches by providing rapid relief with an effect of a relaxing massage. The creamy, water-based blend of camphor and menthol gives Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub a clean, non-greasy feel while the vanishing scent makes it practical for any social or office situation. The print ad shows an attractive tube of Tiger Balm, which is different from the typical Tiger Balm packaging, along with the key benefits in a simple manner that is easily comprehensible for consumers.
Vicco Narayani
“Dard kee jadh tak jaye, lamba aaram dilaye. Aaj kee narayani ke liye.”
Our point of view: Vicco has recently released a new TVC for its pain relief brand Vicco Narayani. The brand has roped in the famous daily soap actress Sanaya Irani who has a huge fan following. The TVC communicates the benefits of the Ayurvedic formulation of the brand which provides long lasting relief due to its effect on the root cause of the problem. While most of the brands in this category target housewives, sports person or senior population Vicco Narayani has chosen younger women specially the working population as its core TG thereby differentiating itself from the clutter.
Zandu gel
“Ayurvedic Zandu Spray, Roll-on, Gel, Jhat se get well”
Our point of view: Emami continues to leverage its Ayurveda portfolio by enhancing the appeal of traditional formulations among the youth. After extending the Zandu balm brand into gel and spray format the company has further extended the brand in roll-on format in its latest TVC. It has very well captured the impact of pain on the near and dear once along with the sufferer. Though this TVC emphasizes on the father and his relations, the brand has also recently released a similar communication emphasizing on the mother. With the OTC topical analgesics market being cluttered, continuous A&P activities by the brand will aid high top of the mind recall among consumers.
“Acidity ho toh #NoSecondOpinion”
Our point of view: While a brand like ENO represents itself as a perfect solution for Acidity caused due to Indian food habits, Digene in its latest TVC approaches consumers who often tend to ignore Acidity. The TVC has very well showcased its entire product range (syrup, sachet and tablets), thereby allowing the users to opt for the most convenient format during acidic episodes. By showcasing a young working boy, the brand is targeting today’s youth (students) and the working professionals; both being involved in untimely meals and outside food.
“Jiyo life, non-stop”
Our point of view: India being the second largest market for ENO, the brand has perfectly associated itself with several moments of Indian celebrations. Considering that these occasions involve consumption of large amounts of spicy and oily food, ENO has built an association through its Facebook posts under the promotional theme #JiyoLifeNonStop as a quick remedy for acidity. Through its most recent TVC, Eno extends its promotional theme for Facebook to the traditional media and promises consumers the ability to enjoy and savour joyous moments such as weddings and train journeys, uninterrupted.
Zandu Nityam
“Kabz se sampoorna rahat”
Our point of view: Zandu Nityam from Emami has recently released a new TVC and has roped in Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador. The brand aims at targeting both the senior citizens as well as the mid-age working population (who may be involved in extensive traveling). While the market is dominated by digestive remedies in various formats (churna, tablet, liquid), the brand has very well captured and highlighted tablets as a convenient format for constipation during traveling.
“Khujli nahi, Abzorb karo”
Our point of view: Abzorb has recently made a promotional switch and has entered the OTC anti-fungal market. The brand has very well highlighted its benefits for commonly occuring skin problems, simultaneously also leveraging the seasonal need for such a product. Further, in its print communication, the brand adds that it prevents recurrence and is the preferred choice of Dermats, thus prompting new users to trial the brand. However, the ad misses out on communicating the benefits of the new packaging. On an overall basis, the brand's tagline “Khujli nahi, Abzorb karo” aptly communicates the brand's benefits.
Our point of view: Caladryl has been a market leader in the anti-allergy and anti-itch topical application segment. The brand has been promoting Caladryl seasonally with ads that connect with consumers in a very simple tone. The previous ad (May 2018) depicted Caladryl being extremely helpful in treating skin burns and rashes during summers. The latest ad has been launched during the festive/wedding season where one tends to use multiple cosmetic products and try new ones which could lead to an allergy. The new ad “ Caladryl ke saath Celebration Se Kaisi Allergy” conveys a direct message to consumers that they need not worry about skin allergies during this season by using Caladryl.
Clean and Dry
“Ab sehna nahin, Seekhna hain”
Our point of view: Clean and Dry by Midas Care has recently released a new TVC and has roped in the famous daily soap actress Ratna Pathak to endorse it. In comparison with its previous TVCs, the current TVC has very strategically positioned the brand to all women by educating/updating them on the benefits of using an intimate wash over soap. Considering the growing inclination of consumers towards herbal/natural extracts the brand has very subtly mentioned about its natural extracts as well. Though the brand has launched different TVCs for each of its variants, since it displays its entire product range towards the end, it could also briefly explain its range for better reach among the users.
“Balo ko aawargi karne do”
Our point of view: Ketomac – A medicated anti-dandruff shampoo by Torque pharmaceuticals has been co-branded with the recently released movie Hichki. Rani Mukerji plays a dual role in the ad, being the leading actress in the movie and also that of the brand ambassador for Ketomac. Though the anti-dandruff market has few prominent brands, almost evert shampoo brand has an anti-dandruff variant. By being associated with the Rani's comeback movie, the brand has grabbed the attention of the masses while subtly positioning itself among school going kids who tend to fall prey to common health and hygiene concerns.
Our point of view: Nomarks by Bajaj Corp. has recently released a new TVC #CheherePeSirfShaanNoNishaan, featuring the famous Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee is considered as the epitome of confidence and ambition and by roping her as the brand ambassador, the brand targets today’s young, confident and ambitious working women. With the natural care and ayurveda market growing, the brand has been repacked to depict Ayurveda. Further the brand also highlights its ayurvedic ingredients and informs the consumers about its fast action (right from day one) against the various factors (pollution, hectic schedule, stress etc.) that may damage/harm the skin as working women are more prone towards it. The TVC attempts to provide a modern ayurvedic product for spotless and flawless skin for all skin types with its product range.
Our point of view: VWash Plus by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has recently released a new TVC #KhudSeKhudKaRishta and has roped in the famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan to endorse it. The brand has made a right strategic move by associating with Vidya Balan as she is known for portraying strong protagonists and has been acknowledged in the media for pioneering a change. The TVC also emphasizes on making VWash Plus a “Progressive Choice” of the consumers thereby inducing the consumers to move away from the traditional methods of maintaining intimate hygiene. There is also a high possibility of this TVC bringing about a change among the consumers as it has very well communicated its core brand message.
Nico Meltz
“Break the urge”
Our point of view: Inventz Lifesciences, a subsidiary of Delvin formulation has entered the smoking cessation market with its brand Nico Meltz. In the print communication the brand has highlighted the consumer’s determination to quit smoking by controlling the urge to smoke. Majority of the smokers are not only aware of its side-effects but also have the desire to quit smoking at some point. However they find it challenging to overcome the urge of smoking. To help consumers in their struggle the brand has initiated “BREAK THE URGE” movement, the winners of which will receive a free starter kit thereby attempting to induce trials among the consumers. While the market is cluttered with lozenges, gums and patch by introducing an innovative format in the category (Nicotine strips), the brand has very well differentiated itself. It would be interesting to see its next communication highlighting the required dosage and usage as well.
Nico Meltz
“Break the urge”
Our point of view: Nico Meltz by Inventz Lifesciences, continues to persuade the smokers to quit smoking through it “BREAK THE URGE” movement on World Doctor’s day. To establish itself in the smoking cessation market, which is currently dominated by Nicotex, Nico Meltz has been consistently reaching out to its target group via different mediums like print media and event sponsorship (Jio Filmfare Awards2018). To gain credibility, NicoMeltz has involved doctors to communicate the ill-effects of smoking. Moving ahead the brand can continue to educate the consumers about benefits of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) through doctors.
“It works”
Our point of view: Cipla Health released a new TVC which delves into the minds of all those smokers who seek advice from a friend who has quit smoking with the help of Nicotine gums. The TVC highlights the right dosage and the right usage of the nicotine gum to enable consumers to effectively reduce or quit smoking. The brand has embarked a great move of educating the consumers as incorrect consumption may not bring about the desired result, leaving the consumers disheartened.
Sugar Free Green Veda
“100% natural sugar”
Our point of view: Zydus Wellness has introduced a unique and innovative product - SugarFree Green Veda as a line extension of its SugarFree brand. The brand targets all the calorie-conscious consumers across age groups. With an increase in the number of health-conscious consumers and increasing inclination of consumers towards herbal hot beverages like green tea, the herbal concoction of Mulethi, Meethi Tulsi and Elaichi offered by SugarFree Green Veda, will enable all the chai lovers to enjoy their daily cup of traditional sweet tea without any fear of calories. Further it has roped in the leading Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor as the brand ambassadors, to enhance the brand appeal.
Aquafina Vitamin Splash
“Water, the age-old wellness essential”
Our point of view: FMCG giant PepsiCo India has recently extended its Aquafina portfolio by launching Aquafina Vitamin Splash fortified with essential vitamins and minerals such as selenium, zinc. The two variants have been positioned to support the immune function and act as an antioxidant. Considering the consumer’s palate the brand is currently available in two flavours - Kiwi Lime flavour and Rasberry Mint flavour. These two newly introduced flavours have tapped into the fast growing functional beverage and oral hydration segment, as more consumers are lapping up towards health and wellness products. It would be interesting to see how Pepsico expands its functional beverage segment further.